"As early as 2011, my passion of wedding and event planning sparked as I helped plan and coordinate numerous friends' and families' weddings and other small events. It was such an honour and so wonderful to be part of their beautiful journey.

In 2016, my life partner, also the Lead Coordinator of the Company, proposed the idea of starting our own wedding and event planning venture. We did a lot of vendors, venues, trends, flowers, formality, etc., and the list goes on. Susam went on to get her certification to be a certified Wedding Planner from The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. During this process, we became more and more captivated by these special events and happy moments.


"A little about me. I graduated from the Early Childhood Education program at Seneca College and have worked with young children for 5 years. During this period, I'be learned to work under stress and multi-task, to be detailed oriented, and have built awareness and respect for traditions and values of numerous cultures.

In 2012, I started engaging myself in wedding industry by first planning my own wedding, with the partner of my life, who is also the Director of SS Wedding & Event. I've wanted to become a wedding planner since then, and became a certified Wedding Planner through The Wedding Planners Institute of 2016.

Though, I thoroughly enjoyed planning our own wedding, the efforts, commitments, and resources were more than I had imagined. With that, finding helps to make planning your special day and the day of stress-free is A MUST!"